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We are pleased to present our current job market candidates. As a group, they have much experience in presenting and publishing their research and in teaching. Please feel free to review each candidate's CV by clicking on the student's name. You may contact the candidates directly via email, or contact the Graduate Economics Program Director Tamah Morant for more information about the candidates.

Our Graduate Economics program has a long history of preparing students for careers in academia, government and the private sector. The program has over 50 graduate faculty members from both College of Management and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, providing a variety of fields of specialization including macro-monetary economics, international trade, econometrics, agricultural economics, environmental and resource economics, microeconomics, and financial economics.  Given the program's strong empirical focus, our alumni have excelled not only in academia and government, but also in the corporate world with many of our graduates entering into applied research divisions of the private sector.

PhD Job Candidates

(Curriculum Vitae are linked to the candidate's name. CVs are PDF files unless otherwise noted. PDF files may be viewed using the Free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.)


Amanda Clayton (email)

Areas of Specialization: Microeconomic Development, Global Health, Household Economics, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Policy & Regulation of Genetic Engineering Technologies

Dissertation Title: Economic Considerations in Vector-Borne Disease Management

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Melinda Morrill and Walter N. Thurman



Christopher Giguere (email)

Areas of Specialization: Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics, Financial Economics

Dissertation Title: Efficient selective targeting: An empirical evaluation of North Carolina's automobile emissions I/M program

Dissertation Chair: Roger von Haefen



Juan He (email)

Areas of Specialization: Asymmetric Information, Insurance

Dissertation Title: Three essays on crop insurance

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Xiaoyong Zheng and Roderick Rejesus



Alimamy Kamara (email)

Areas of Specialization: Trade, International Finance, Economic Growth

Dissertation Title: Essays in Regional Integration and International Macroeconomics

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Barry K. Goodwin and Ivan Kandilov



Parker Sheppard (email)

Areas of Specialization: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Collateral Constraints in DSGE Models: Theory and Empirics

Dissertation Chair: James Nason



Irina Pritchett (email)

Areas of Specialization: Labor, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

Dissertation Chair: Barry K. Goodwin


Fabio G. Santeramo (email)

Areas of Specialization: Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Three essays in applied econometrics

Dissertation Chair: Barry K. Goodwin



Xuetao Song (email)

Areas of Specialization: Macroeconomics, Finance

Dissertation Title: Local Government Land Financing Model and Business Cycles: A DSGE Model of China 

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Ivan Kandilov and Douglas Pearce



Qifeng Weng (email)

Areas of Specialization: Financial Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Patent Economics

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Financial Econometircs and Patents

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Denis Pelletier and Zachary Brown



Haoshi Yang (email)

Area of Specialization: Agricultural Economics

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Honey Trade and Beekeeping

Disseratation Chair: Walter N. Thurman



Moonhee Cho (email

Areas of Specialization: Applied Econometrics, International Trade, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Essays on the Effect of GATT/WTO and Financial Crisis on International Trade

Dissertation Co-Chairs:  Xiaoyong Zheng and Ivan Kandilov


Robert Dinterman (email

Areas of Specialization: Regional Economics, Spatial Econometrics, Sports Economics

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Regional Economics: Applications in Spatial Econometrics

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Mitch Renkow and Ivan Kandilov



Alexander Gill (email)

Areas of Specialization: Macro/Monetary; Political Economy

Dissertation Title: Securitization

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Douglas Pearce and Nora Traum


Alimamy Kamara (email)

Area of Specialization: International Trade, International Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development and Financial Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays in Regional Integration and International Macroeconomics

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Barry K. Goodwin and Ivan Kandilov



Steve Tsang (email)

Areas of Specialization: Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics, Price and Policy Analysis, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Title: The Inter-Relationships between Motor Fuel and Agricultural Markets

Dissertation Chair:  Walter N. Thurman


Xiaojie Xu (email)

Areas of Specialization: Agricultural and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics and Finance

Dissertation Title: Causality and Price Discovery: Evidence from U.S. Corn Cash and Futures Prices 

Dissertation Chair: Walter N. Thurman



Yan Zheng (email)

Areas of Specialization: Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Demand Side Economics of Health Care Provision Under a Single Payer System: The Case of Croatia

Dissertation Chair: Tomislav Vukina



Master's Job Candidates