Registration Information

MyPack Portal

The MyPack Portal is a one-stop source for information and resources for the NC State community.  Students can access MyPack from the University’s homepage:, and find resources including academic and financial information and other campus services.  From MyPack, students can access registration, the Schedule of Courses, unofficial transcripts, tuition and cashier information.  Students can also manage enrollment, pay University bills, edit personal information, etc. 

To login to MyPack  students will need a unity ID and password.  Generally, the unity ID is comprised of first initial, middle initial and first six letters of the last name.  The default password (which will be prompted for change at initial login) is the last four numbers of the student ID, followed by the two digit month and two digit day of birth.  Students encountering problems determining the unity ID and password, please contact the Computer Services helpdesk at 515-HELP or

Registering for Classes

Students register for the spring semester in early November and for the fall and summer sessions in early April through MyPack.  The University’s Schedule of Courses is made available through MyPack so that students can plan a tentative schedule of classes prior to contacting the advisor.  Course descriptions are also available online through the Registration and Records website

Academic Calendars

Information about deadlines for registration issues can be found at the Registration and Records Academic Calendar

Information about Graduate School deadlines can be found at the Graduate School Calendar.  Note that you can filter the Graduate School calendar to show only the academic calendar or only professional development events.  Use the drop-down arrow next to “agenda” on the upper right side. 

Registration and Course Load Requirements

By Census Date, all students should verify that their registration is in order according to the appropriate registration status as outlined below.  International students are required to maintain full-time registration except in their last semester of study, while domestic students can enroll on either a part-time or full-time basis.   

Master’s Degree Students

Full-time registration requires 9 or more credit hours per fall or spring semester or, for non-thesis ME students, a minimum of 3 hours per semester during the semester in which the student is completing the final course(s) required to complete the degree.  For thesis students, this may include ECG 695 Masters Thesis Research.  Thesis students who have completed all credit hour and course requirements and are completing the writing or defending of their thesis should register for 3 hours of ECG 695.  Part-time registration consists of 3-8 credit hours per fall or spring semester or 1 hour of ECG 695 for those thesis students who have completed all requirements except the writing or defending of the thesis.

Doctoral Students

Full-time registration requires 9 or more credit hours per fall or spring semester until the student completes all credit hour requirements for the degree and the preliminary oral exam.   This registration may include ECG 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.   For those students who have completed all credit hour requirements (72 hours) and the preliminary oral examination and are completing the research or defense of the dissertation, 3 hours of ECG 895 constitutes full time registration.

Funded Students

Funded students are required to maintain full-time registration according to the above definitions.  Audited courses cannot be included in this total.

NCSU PRR on minimum registration and residence requirements

Graduate School policy on registration requirements, leave of absence and withdrawal

Enrollment Policies and “How-to’s”

Information about adding and dropping courses, and changing a course from credit to audit or to credit only can be found on the Registrar’s website.  In order to drop a course, or change a course from a letter grade to credit only (S/U) through MyPack, please see the Enrollment tutorials and guide at

Students who want to drop a course, or change a course from credit to audit after the deadline must use a Schedule Revision form (available at the Graduate School website), accompanied by a Supplemental Data form.  A Justification for the change must be included with the Supplemental Data form or the Schedule Revision request will be returned.