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2019-2020 PhD Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to present our current job market candidates. As a group, they have much experience in presenting and publishing their research and in teaching. Please feel free to review each candidate's personal webpage by clicking on the student's name. You may contact the candidates directly via email, or contact the Graduate Economics Program Director Xiaoyong Zheng for more information about the candidates.


Serkan Aglasan

Fields: Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Barry Goodwin


Dylan Bouchard

Fields: Agricultural Economics, Price Transmission, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Barry Goodwin


Daemyung Lee

Fields: Health Economics; Labor Economics; Public Policy; Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Xiaoyong Zheng and Dr. Kathryn Boys


Ruixue Wang

Fields: Agricultural Economics; Climate Economics

Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Rod Rejesus


Zhongyuan You

Fields: International Finance and Macroeconomic Forecasting

Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Barry Goodwin


Chi Zhang

Fields: Financial Economics, International Trade and Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Ivan Kandilov and Dr. Mark Walker


Siqi Zhang

Fields: Agricultural Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization, and Applied Econometrics.

Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Kathryn Boys