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Stephen Margolis

Stephen Margolis

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, Graduate Faculty

Education: Ph.D., Economics, University of California-Los Angeles, 1978

Office Location: 4156 Nelson (Economics Wing)

Phone: 919.513.2565

Department / Affiliations

Department of Economics

Research Specialties

Industrial Organization

Selected Research Publications

  • Stephen E. Margolis, “The Profits of Infringement: Richard Posner v. Learned Hand,” Berkeley Technology Law Journal, forthcoming.
  • Stanley J. Liebowitz, and Stephen J. Margolis, “Bundles of Joy: The Ubiquity and Efficiency of Bundles in New Technology Markets,” Journal of Competition Law and Economics. forthcoming
  • Stan J. Liebowitz and Stephen E. Margolis, “Seventeen Famous Economists Weigh in on Copyright: The Role of Theory, Empirics, and Network Effects,” Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Spring 2005.
  • Liebowitz, Stan J. and Stephen E. Margolis, The Economics of Qwerty: Papers by Stan Liebowitz and Stephen Margolis, edited by Peter Lewin, MacMillan/NYU Press, 2002.
  • Liebowitz, Stan J. and Stephen E. Margolis, “Network Effects and the Microsoft Case,” Dynamic Competition and Public Policy: Technology, Innovation and Antitrust Issues. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
  • Liebowitz, Stan J. and Stephen E. Margolis, Winners, Losers and Microsoft: Competition and Antitrust in High Technology. Independent Institute, Oakland, 1999.
  • Liebowitz, Stan J. and Stephen E. Margolis, “Should Technology Choice be a Concern for Antitrust Policy?” Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Summer 1996: 283-318.
  • Margolis, Stephen E. with S.J. Liebowitz, “ Path Dependence, Lock-in and History,” Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Summer, 1995: 205-26.
  • Liebowitz, S.J. and Stephen E. Margolis, “Network Externalities: An Uncommon Tragedy,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 1994: 133-50.
  • Liebowitz, S. J. and Stephen E. Margolis, “The Fable of the Keys,” Journal of Law and Economics, 1990, 33: 1-27.
  • Margolis, Stephen, “Monopolistic Competition and Multiproduct Brand Names,” Journal of Business, 1989, 62:, 199-210.

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